Long range outdoor motion sensor

I would like to find a motion sensor that I can mount by my back door that will sense when I open the garage door at night (a good 90ft from my back door). I would like to have the outside lights to come on when I open the garage door and start walking toward the house or when I leave the back door headed to the garage.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Sorry, I’m confused. Are you saying you want the motion sensor to detect motion 90 feet away? Because if so, any passing animal is going to trigger it and your lights will be going on and off all night.

If instead, you want The lights to come on when the garage door opens, but the garage door is 90 feet away so you are concerned about the distance from your smartthings network, then that’s one question. (And I would probably recommend a Contact sensor on the door rather than a motion sensor – – fewer false alerts.)

The leaving the back door and heading towards the garage could be done exactly the same way with a contact sensor on the back door – – if that would meet your requirement, then every time the backdoor is opened at night the lights come on, then again that’s fairly simple to address.

But if you actually have a reason for using a motion sensor instead and you’re trying to detect activity in a specific area of the yard, or along a specific pathway, that’s going to be quite a bit more challenging.

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Thanks for your input. You are correct that a long range motion sensor would pickup any motion in the yard. I already have a open close sensor on the back door, all I have to get is a GE 3 way switch and partner to replace the light switches I have now and link them to the door sensor. Sounds like a plan.

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