Motion sensor with long range?

Hey! New ST user here, well actually it’s in the mail lol. Anyway my plan was/is to use my Arlo cameras to tell my zwave switch to turn on my exterior lights. However the range is a bit more limited than I assumed for motion. I checked a few other sensors that I could use instead but they all seem to have a range of 15 feet or less. Are there any other options?


I don’t think many have a long range. Outdoors also creates issues, many toss false positives if sensitivity is too high.

What is your use case? Is it to trigger lights when you come home?

I use my Ring Doorbell to trigger lights off of motion. Range is about 15 feet and delay is about 2-3 seconds (has to go through IFTT). If I jack up the range any more I get 2 alerts an hour about motion.

I have another rule that if anyone is not home after dark to turn on the porch lights.

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