Loking for help with Aeotec HEM ZW095 Gen 5

Hi all,

I am new to this community and pretty new to Smart Things and home automation. I have a ST Hub up and running and about 8 devices connected to it (multipurpose sensors, water sensors, outlets) but decided I wanted to monitor my power to determine when my stand-by generator is running when I am away.

I purchased the Aeotec HEM, but have not been able to figure out how to make it work with my ST Hub. From what I am reading it may be possible, but it does not show on the compatible devices list…

Some of the discussion I was able to find included some code that looked like perhaps C or C++, but unfortunately I’m not sure I understand where this code is designed to run. Is this code running on the Hub? A PC? In an app on a phone? Where can I find more information on how to access the hub to modify the code if that’s what needs to be done.

I am a retired engineer and I am familiar with several programming languages and have written thousands of lines of code over the years in C, C#.net, VB.net and a few other languages, but never anything associated with home automation, so I’m really a rookie in this space.

Can anyone help me get started, or suggest a different device I could use to monitor my generator remotely?



Refer here to learn about installing custom device (type) handlers (DH / DTH):