Logitech pop to control smartthings via homekit

Was wondering is it possible to connect logitech pop with smartthings and apple homekit to control smartthings things with siri

Check out homebridge-smartThings. I have it running on a raspberry pi to control smartThings with Siri.

Thanks going to check that

Unfortunately, no. When you set up the Logitech pop bridge you have to choose between setting it up for HomeKit or setting it up for Internet integrations, which is how it would work with IFTTT or SmartThings. So it’s an either or situation, you can’t use one pop button with both.

The devices that do work with both at the same time are the Phillips hue bridge, Lutron Caseta devices paired to the Lutron SmartBridge, or the iHome plug in pocket socket.

So you could tell Siri to turn on Lutron Caseta switch and then have that switch coming on trigger something else in SmartThings. But it can get expensive and/or complicated to do it that way.

The homebridge method is technically pretty complicated to set up, and you do have to dedicate a server device like a laptop to it, but it gives you a lot more choices without having to have physical devices as go-betweens.

Thank you really helpful

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There is an article in the community – created wiki on devices that work with both SmartThings and HomeKit out of the box. There aren’t a lot of them, but there are some:


FWIW, I don’t rely on SmartThings to trigger my hue lights. I have Hue in homekit which also allows me to use my hue motion sensor. I created a virtual switch for each motion sensor within smartThings and then I use homekit automations to have the Hue motion Sensors Turn those switches on and off (on = motion off = no motion).

This mapping allows me to trigger smartThings actions for the device state change.

With that in mind, couldn’t the same thing be done with the pop? Basically the pop would trigger a Homekit automation that would trigger a virtual switch in smartThings.

Yes, if you’re running homebridge.

Or yes if you are triggering off of physical hue bulbs coming on and off that are attached to a Hue bridge.

But you would have to have some “man in the middle” device, otherwise there’s no way to connect the two systems.