Logitech Pop


I am looking at purchasing a Logitech pop to use as a controller for my hue/ikea lights, tado thermostat and blinds. Does anyone know if they have been able to integrate this with smartthings so you can control smartthings scenes using the button?

Appreciate any advice/assistance.


I use these at my house.

The primary challenge is that when you set up the pop bridge you have to choose between setting it up as a HomeKit enabled device or setting it up as a cloud enabled device.

If you choose the Homekit settings, you won’t be able to use it with SmartThings at all.

If you choose the cloud settings, there is an official SmartThings integration, or you can use it through IFTTT.

So it just depends on the details of what you’re trying to accomplish.



I use it w/ ST for quite some time now for light switches and fan control and with Hue as well. I use Pop app native ST and Hue integration not IFTTT and it is fast. I got it when it just launched and had to power cycle the bridge once a week or so, so I plugged the bridge top of Orvibo smartplug that power cycles in the middle of the night, and it has been working flawlessly since (Logitech probably fixed the issues since but I did not check). It is Bluetooth between bridge and button so range is somewhat limited but one of the best I’ve seen from Bluetooth devices. I do not have more than one wall between the bridge and most remote button.

The main limitation for me, is that it does not expose itself as button or switch to ST but instead you expose ST devices such as switches and lights to Pop. So you can do what Pop let you do but you cannot customize or use any of the button smartapps with it. For example I wanted to cycle fan speed with single press but was unable although there is smartapp just for that.