Logitech missing from "Remotes and buttons" in Marketplace

I did a quick forum search and couldn’t find information about my issue with my new SmartThings. I have a Logitech Harmony Home Hub that I want to integrate with SmartThings. I followed the instructions to:

  1. Go to Marketplace
  2. Go to “Remotes and buttons”
  3. Select “Logitech”

And that is where my problem occurs. There is no Logitech selection in “Remotes and buttons”. There are only Aeon Labs selections available.

I then looked in SmartThings Labs and found a selection for Logitech Harmony Home Hub but when I try adding it there, it cannot find my Harmony Hub.

I have added the Harmony hub to my Echo but I also need to add it to SmartThings. It is one of the main reasons I switched to SmartThings from Wink.

Add SmartThings from the Harmony app, not from ST. Indeed it seems as Logitech remote has been moved/removed.

So, I’m not the only one that doesn’t see Logitech where it was supposed to be. Fortunately, I have added ST to my Harmony Hub so I will fiddle around with that to get voice control of Harmony from Alexa.

Thanks, BOBBY.

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What in particular are you looking to achieve by using ST as man in the middle for your Harmony control via Alexa? Harmony has its own Alexa integration that covers basic commands plus some that are not as easy to set via ST (favorites).

I’m having some difficulty getting Alexa to control activities in my Harmony Hub after I added ST to Harmony and enabled the skills in Alexa. I researched ST and Harmony integration and found instructions about adding the Harmony Hub to ST thinking that meant I should also add Harmony to ST. But when the “Logitech” selection was missing from “Remotes and buttons” that the instructions said I should add, I thought I might have a problem.

Did you enable and configure the Harmony skill in Alexa app? That is the easiest way to control your activities. Next I would look at Yonomi app (search the forum for details). Not saying is not possible to use ST, but if you just want to control Harmony using Alexa there are other, more reliable ways. Harmony/ ST integration is good for controling Harmony using ST triggers like motion or switches.

I seem to have it working now, AFA controlling my Harmony Hub with Alexa with ST added to the Harmony Hub. I’m not sure why it started working or what exactly I did but, it wasn’t working, then when I tried a command to Alexa, it was working. Go figure.

Thanks for your help and suggestions, BOBBY.

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