Log Files Locally

Hi Everyone,

Is there any way to log all data from smartthings hub to parse to a different device, I am looking to log outside of smartthings realtime and trigger bash scripts based on sensors.

You can check out https://thinglayer.net

You can fork it and run it locally. If you are familiar with ruby, you could tweak it to run local scripts.

is there any other way ?
I want to save my Smartthings log into a file, so I can read it later and make analysis from it about my smartapp or other thing

Not at this point, the hub isn’t really capable of much locally. It might be possible with hub v2, but frankly time travel might be possible with hub v2. We won’t know until we see it. But by that logic, time travel is pretty much ruled out, otherwise we’d know already.

Seriously though. It would be possible with a local computer on the network to send logs to. Like @jody.albritton was talking about. That is about as good as you are going to be able to do without logging to a cloud based service.