Connecting SmartThings to my Lab's server

Hello I am new to this and I am wondering is there is a way to connect the SmartThings hub to my Lab’s server in the university. I want to see if I can use the Hub for logging data from the sensors, and trying to pull the data on real time if needed. Trying to get the data in a form that would be easy to process (I care mostly about the motion sensor data! Ideally i would want the data to go straight to my server and not to pass through the cloud!
I searched a bit on the forum and i did not find what i wanted
Thanks To anybody who replies!

It’s possible to write a custom Smart App to log data to a server, but everything you do will pass through the Smartthings cloud. There’s no way around that.

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IFTTT integration? Use the Maker channel to trigger a REST call on your server.

This might be helpful:

SmartThings’ sendHubCommand is local, and can pass data via HTTP requests.

If your server is a Mac, you can send up to nine params at a time from SmartThings to HAM Bridge, and embed their values in an AppleScript, Shell script, or Python script which it can then run.

If you’re on another platform, you could code up a web server using PHP to accomplish similar.

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I’m back to using Initialstate. Awesome. I might even pay for it… gasp.