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I have a Smartthings hub in a rental property. Have Schlage Camelot connected to it. Installed above app add-on to ST app. Yet, when I open Lock Manager, I cannot seem to follow the flow of the design, as the tabs are set up, to do what I want.

Here is exactly what I want to do. Set up a user, name them, assign a four-digit code ). then schedule when that code can be used.
Bob E.
last four of his phone is 7890, so that is the code I want
he arrives July 3 at noon
check-out is July 5 at noon
when Bob leaves, I want to later delete his code, but preserve those I have manually set (for my entry)

I downloaded the above and open. It allows some of this separately, but not specific to one user. Asks for user and code, but no scheduling. Playing around with it, device notification said I deleted a code…I fear my own. I’m 300 miles away from where this is installed and want to get this set up and trial it with a guest.

Also, no way to list all codes lock knows, has stored…like MY code which may or may not yet exist.

Support at ST couldn’t even figure it out. Anyone have this and use it like I’d like to? Where is an easy, single, simple step page per user for a dumbass like me?

Thanks. Really need a walkthrough (or better add-on app?) ST should have one of their own!

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Like you I want the EXACT same functionally. I am only 120 miles away from my rental but I sure as hell would prefer not to have to jump in the car because of a malfunction. I am nervous about playing with the app for fear it will scramble with what I manually entered last time I was at the unit. Would love to know what you learned. I have a Scalage FE599, lever type.


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