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So I’ve gone through the post at Capability lockCodes (update).

I am trying to build something where I can control my lock codes remotely and I’m able to make certain calls described here, but it seems like a lot of the commands don’t function. Are there specific lock models where some commands would function and others wouldn’t? I’m essentially trying to set a code and delete it after a period of time and doesn’t seem to be a way to validate something was actually set or not. TIA

I’m not very sure if you’re trying to program codes remotely using a custom integration or just program codes using your ST mobile app. Let me try to answer both sides.

That post was a very long time ago. Many of those commands weren’t implemented and the capabilities have undergone many changes since (and it’s still undergoing changes).
A lot of the functionality depends on the device handler being used by the lock. You’ll find many device handlers on the forum but many of them are not following the latest ST specs. Not all locks support all features or even operate the same way, that DTH is supposed to take care of that. The stock device handler provides many basic capabilities, some device handlers like this Z-Wave one are kept in sync with the latest specs and adds on support for many non standard Z-Wave locks and lock specific capabilities for use by apps.
Then comes the issue of whether the codes are set or not and that’s a little more complex because codes may be set or not and the notifications may or may not reach the hub so the apps and dth in combination need to handle it.

If you’re looking to use a REST based API to program locks, check out this app from RBoy Apps called Lock Manager API. It’s designed for organization or individuals who are connecting disparate lock/systems to SmartThings and don’t want to deal with the issues I outlined above. It works with the stock ST DTH (ZigBee and Z-Wave) and also the enhanced Z-Wave lock DTH and handles things like mesh trouble and communications issues.

If you’re looking to just simply set codes from your ST Mobile app than you can use the built in SmartLocks app from SmartThings, if you’re looking to add some addition features like Start/Expiration of codes, recurring scheduling and much more like presence/modes based codes, you can see this fully feature Lock User Management app (LUM) from rboy apps:

Thanks for the response, I’ll definitely look at the Lock Manager API. I am definitely looking to leverage REST APIs to integrate so that makes the most sense. Thanks again!

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