Add or change lock code

Hello, I am trying to add or update an existing lock code for the Schlage lock using the API endpoint below. It returns a status = Accepted message but the lock code was not added or updated. When I try to use the lock code manager app, I get an internal server error occurred if I try to add or delete a code.


  "commands": [
      "component": "main",
      "capability": "lockCodes",
      "command": "setCode",
      "arguments": [
          6,"1235","Code 6"

Any ideas?

is that the community developed Lock Manager or ST’s Smart Lock Guest Manager?

Is the lock using a DTH or migrated to an Edge Driver?

It’s the ST Smart Lock Guest Manager and the lock is using the Z-Wave Lock DTH.

Hi, @Jimmy_Morgan

We already let the team know about this issue and they are looking into it. Let me get back to you as soon as we have any updates.

Thank you @andresg

Hi, @Jimmy_Morgan

I would need you to do the following. First, allow us Support Access. The way to do that is by following these steps:

  1. Go to the SmartThings Web
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again.

We would also need you to replicate the issue and, just after that, send us Hub Logs. If you don’t know how to send those logs the procedure is the following:

  1. In the IDE, enter “my hubs”
  2. Enter the corresponding Hub and go to “view utilities”
  3. Click on “send” below “send hub logs”

And please let us know which Samsung Account you’re using and if you have more than one Hub, the name of the one where the device is paired. This last piece of information can be sent by DM to me directly, so you don’t have to share it publicly.