Lock android when mode changes


I am installing a PoE android tablet at the door we use to enter and exit and turning it into a control station.

I want this to be unlocked and on smarttiles most of the time…however when I change my mode to away or alarm armed I want the android to lock to make sure the alarm can’t be turned off by someone breaking into the house.

Coming back in the system is disarmed when we enter our code into our door lock

Any thoughts on how we could make that work?

I use Sharptools and Tasker to wake my screen (and change display timeout) when the mode changes. So when away the screen times out in 10 seconds - when home it wakes up and sets time out to 23 hours.I think to actually lock the screen you may need to root the tablet. Secure Settings plugin for Tasker does this but only on rooted devices,

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How do you accomplish this with tasker?

Its been a while and I don’t have my tablet with me but as far as I can remember:

Install Sharptools and connect to your Smartthings account.
Ensure Sharptools is subscribed to mode changes.
Install the Sharptools Plugin for Tasker
Create a new profile that runs on an Event - Plugin - Sharptools - Mode Change then click the pencil icon & apply
Add a task to the profile to set the display timeout as required.
Here you can add an If condition to only trigger for a particular mode, otherwise it will trigger on all mode changes. Google Sharptools Tasker Mode Change for a helpful guide,


Ben has you headed in the right direction. Here’s an article with more details (including a video), if you are interested:

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Btw, it’s possible to do that w/o the needs to root the tablet. It works like a charm!

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