Local Processing with Virtual Switches

Hi ST People, I have 3 Virtual switches, all of them works local, I just added a physical Smartthings Button that also works local, but when I set automations only Virtual Disarm Switch gets a local automation, other two stays in a cloud running… I had tested switching push,. double push and held and always DISARM virtual switch is the only that stays in local running automation. Why ? Any tips to get all of 3 automations local?


Can you tell us more about your virtual switches? Even Edge virtual devices show erroneously as ‘Cloud’ in the IDE, so curious that yours would even show as ‘Local’. What did you use to create them?

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I noticed in the IDE that my button controller shows local, but it had a ‘child device’ for the child button which didn’t run local. So I changed the child button type to a SmartSense button which changed the child button device to local then. However, I see the same thing that you are seeing where the Automation doesn’t show the local symbol when using the button as a trigger, and confirmed by disconnecting the Ethernet connection from the SmartThings hub that it did not run the Automation local.

However, I created a Smart Lighting routine for the button action and it does run local since I confirmed it by disconnecting the Ethernet from the SmartThings hub. So I’m using Smart Lighting routine vice Automations for the button controller actions since it runs local using Smart Lighting routines.

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Seems strange.

By the look of the IDE output, these switches are manually added using the Virtual Switch type. Are they definitely all using the same stock Virtual Switch handler? No local copy or anything?

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Check in IDE, and if they don’t have hub assigned, assign hub to each virtual device to be local

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Hi my friend. I used native Virtual Switch DTH in ST-IDE, all my virtual switches appear as local working… I tested them and works local…

Thanks my friend…I will give to it a try …!

Hi my friend…all those three are using same device handler native “Virtual Switch”, even I do not know how to “copy” a device neither a handler.
I wonder why only one of these three works local in automations…

Pd: I do not want to re create other two because there are some other automations and Sharptools rules that are using them…

Hi my friend, they all three are assigned to a hub, same and the only hub I have. Im using them in other automations and stuff, and I waited for the Smartthings button in order to handle locally my alarm but then this issue appeared… (cloud automation with local switches… :thinking: