Llama - Locations Profiles & SmartThings

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting geofencing to work correctly with my phone. Generally smartthings doesn’t register I have arrived soon enough to disable the alarm. I have been running Llama - Locations Profiles for a couple years now to set sound profiles on my phone depending on my location. Llama is an amazing app when it comes to geofencing because it uses known cell towers to determine your general whereabouts.

Is it at all possible for someone here to integrate it with ST?


How would that be precise enough to arm and disarm your home alarm?

Not sure I understand…

When Llama sees the towers I’ve told it are near my home, it sets my home profile. If it sees towers that are around my work, it sets my work profile. If it doesn’t recognize any towers, it sets my traveling profile.

So basically, once Llama sees the towers around my home, it would tell ST that I’m arriving.

What i mean is, isn’t that still too large an area for many automations associated with coming home? Disarming an alarm and unlocking a smartlock come to mind as actions you would want to occur only when you’re right outside rather than several minutes away.

I guess that could be an issue for some, although Llama certainly offers the ability to delay activities and recheck conditions before executing. I mean I’m sure there are other opportunities lama’s approach to geofencing offers than just SHM. I for one would still find this to be useful for my particular situation.

Sorry, not meaning to suggest that this isn’t useful for you. It must be, otherwise you wouldn’t use it :slightly_smiling_face:.

I guess I’m trying to understand how this is different than what phones do with their built-in location services anyway, which can use nearby cell towers to triangulate your (approximate) position.

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SharpTools can integrate with Tasker in similar way to what you are describing. I primarily use AutoMagic now instead of Tasker, but have found most plugins listed as compatible with Tasker also work for AutoMagic. Maybe SharpTools would work also with Llama? I can’t remember if I ever tried it in the past, but SharpTools has a free version if I remember correctly. Or possibly its a free trial. I forget the name, but the Dev of SharpTools I think is a regular here so he may be able to chime in.

EDIT: Remembered who it was. @joshua_lyon that’s you right?

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Yes, that’s me. :smiley: And SharpTools is Locale Plugin friendly. So any of the automation apps which implement the Locale or Tasker standard should work with SharpTools.

WOW! Absolute brilliance!

I already use SmartTools + plugins on my tablet. I hadn’t installed it on my phone up until now. After installing SmartTools, Llama gave me all of the options in ‘Actions/Locale Plugin’ to control ST.

Thank you everyone! I can’t wait to see how this works out. :smiley:

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