Live Code Fridays 3/25/2016 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT

Join host Patrick Stuart and special guests while they discuss the latest IOT happenings and SmartThings, SmartApps and Devices. Followup on using GIT command line and a preview of Patrick’s new Windows IDE app and a cool new feature. End user testing of the mPower SmartApp and DeviceType and debugging code.

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Hmmm… That gives me an idea for a future Live Code session; a demo of my favorite tool, SourceTree (from Atlassian), a very nice free GUI for Git. I’d have to create a nice demo repo for the session.

Unnecessary for a simple repo, though doesn’t hurt.

And a few things still require the command line, but it conveniently includes a shell window.

Already briefly showed it last week but always willing to do a deeper dive.


@pstuart Just wanted to thank you for all that you do on Live Code Friday. I can’t always watch live as I’m out of town alot, but watch it every chance that I get. I really like the program that you did for the mFi power switch and been following and after watching the last show, I pulled it back out and with your program got it working. Just wanted to say thanks and let you know that it helps us non tech individuals.