Live Code Fridays 4/22/2016 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT

Join host Patrick Stuart and special guests for another edition of Live Code Fridays. This week’s show will cover the latest news, update on SDC, a special guest and cool app demo, and something we’ve been waiting for a long time… The new Generic Video Camera Devicetype release, which we will code up live on the show. Github source files to be released after the show. Yes, Live Streaming Video inside the SmartThing Mobile app. Most cameras are supported!


Definitely kind of a big deal. I’m excited to see what the general user population thinks of this newly found capability…

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and Ben Lebson will be joining us to show off his usage of it in complete camera device types


I just installed the code via GitHub repo (sync works). I missed the first half of your LCF, what path do I use? I have a Swann (Hikvision) that supports rtsp. Any ideas?

Edit: Never mind, got it! Highly recommend you guys check out this site for urls:

Video feed is definitely distorted on iOS though…

yeah, try stream 2 and lower the res on hikvision

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Missed the LCF but got this working, AWESOME! Using an LA View 8ch POE IP DVR and getting streams with:

rtsp://{username}:{password}@{DVR IP}:8554/PSIA/streaming/channels/101

Channels are:

First digit, chn number
Second digit, ?
Third digit, stream 1=high rez 2=thumbnail

How do you catch the show? Is it a live stream? I didn’t see a link on the website