Live Code Fridays 2/11/2016 8pm ET / 5pm PT (Special Thursday Night Edition)

Special Thursday edition of Live Code Fridays with Host Patrick Stuart, join him and special guests as they explore the world of developing on IoT and SmartThings Platform.

This weeks show will create a smartapp and devicetype for the Ubiquiti mPower 8 outlet smart wifi outlet switch.


Very excited about this, I’ve got four of these and have always wanted to see them integrated into ST! And being on a Thursday I can watch this live! YAY!

Getcha some Live Code Fri…Thursday everyone!!!

This was really cool! Watching how these are coded really helped me understand the flow of things. I’m not about to start making stuff from scratch, but I also shouldn’t be asking as many dumb questions now!

Thanks for doing these Patrick. I think I’ll be watching them from now on.

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no dumb questions, just stupid answers :slightly_smiling:

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Can you link to the DTH? I have a bunch of these devices I’d like to get up and running on ST… I’d totally watch the video but it is unavailable (deleted? not allowed in USA region? not sure…)