Little Device to do it all? Anyone tried this with ST

I came across this little board in eBay, ESP8266 based, and it has following built in.

  1. Temp/Humidity
  2. Buzzer
  3. Digital In/Out
  4. Analog In
  5. Relay
  6. Wifi

This seems a perfect candidate for many little projects. Not sure if this can be integrated with ST. I have seen people use ESP8266 with other projects. (Weather Station / Light On off etc.)

Can someone evaluate this if this is a good choice to give a try for home automation projects with ST?

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they are mighty cool-sounding and cheap, and they’ve been posted for other ST integrations, but I think these same devices link to a fixed server in China for remote access. Which can be okay but FYI where your network access is going. Some of the same issues with most cheap IPcameras.

Maybe the fixed server is a default parameter that can be revised, but this device was discussed on Security Now podcast as a security issue.

search for the part#.