Action tiles with Smartthings camera

Will the new Smartthings camera stream the live video to Action Tiles? I could’t get the url to work when I tried.

Probably not. I didn’t see any mention of an mjpeg stream in the specs.

Yeah, I figured. But, I couldn’t find what the video format was

Unfortunately, just being compatible with SmartThings does not increase the likelihood of ActionTiles compatibility.

SmartThings has never published an API to access streams from “video” device types (unlike the extensive specs for Switches, Thermostats, etc.).

Most newer model cameras do not offer direct MJPEG streams due to the inefficiency of this format for high resolution video. Unfortunately, MJPEG is currently the only standard live camera based streaming format supported by mobile browsers.

Mang cameras still offer JPEG snapshots though, which tends to be a practical option.

For the case of cloud only cameras (Wyze, Nest, etc.), hardly any vendors have been forthcoming with any public APIs, let alone embeddable streaming objects.