Linking Tuya service to multiple locations

I have 5 locations. I also have Tuya in those locations. When linking Alexa, it shows it is linked to all locations. When linking Tuya I can seemingly only link it to one location. It won’t let me connect my (or any other) Tuya account to a second location, and won’t let me select which Tuy devices correspond to which SmartThings location.

Any way to fix this? It’s extremely annoying.

I have 2 ST locations so I use the Tuya App for 1 location and the SmartLife App for the second location. It keeps everything sorted out in my SmartThings locations. Alexa still combines all location because it integrates with ST at the account level.

There are many other Tuya based app you could use, Brilliant, Globe, Treatlife, etc. Some might work better than others.

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Thanks for the reply. So you have separate accounts for Tuya Smart and Smart Life, using one app for one location and another for another? Seems like a workable workaround. Pretty inconvenient since both Tuya Smart and SmarthThings both support multiple locations and would have to delete locations one by one and re add.

I have lost my Tuya linked service and cannot seem to get it back!
Also I cannot see the SmartLife linked service.
I can see all my other linked services.
(Uptodate Android App)
Any suggestions?

Did you go add device (+) > partner devices > Tuya or Smart Life?

Finally remembered to do that in bed last night !
Too much ST change, too little attention :man_shrugging: