Linear WT00Z device for double/triple tap?

Hi all,

Looking to find a DTH that allows double/triple tap for Linear WT00Z Accessory Switch. I did search extensively on this, and most of the topic seem to be related to associating it with a different device. The only topic I found on double/triple tap was a question if it was possible—which did not seem to be answered.

I’m trying to use these as switches at the bedside so that I can control different lights, not just a single one (e.g. use triple down to turn off all lights in the house.) I believe that I know how to set this up using web core, but I don’t know how to get the different tap signals out of the switch.


Trying to capture double or triple tap with software by timing the pauses between taps just has never worked very well with any device, although it worked a little better with the GE devices. They’re just too many variations, including whether the message goes through a repeater or not, Internet lag, cloud delays, etc.

It’s much more effective to find a device that will capture the tap pattern at the device itself and then send a single code to the hub to tell it what that tap pattern was. That way you can get the timing much more precise.

There are many of these now, some battery powered and some mains powered. The homeseer switches can do single, double, and triple tap at the switch, and are popular for this purpose.

If you want a battery powered device, the remotec 8 button Device will give you a total of 24 commands as each button can accept tap, double tap, or long hold.


But the linear/go control devices do not currently have models that do this.

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