Linear WD500Z-1 and WT00Z-1 in complicated wiring setup

I have a room and on one wall their are 4 switches and on the other their are 2. Those 2 are 3 way switched to the first 2 of the four. I want to put in 2 sets of Linear 3 way switch combos (WD500Z-1 + WT00Z-1). There is a complicated setup and I need help figuring out the right setup. I have drawn out what I think I should do, but would love some advice before I start splicing and rewiring.

Current setup:

What I think I should do:

I think I need you to label the wires in each box so I can tell what goes where. Not too sure which wires from the two gang box go to the fan/light and which go to the four gang box.

Neutrals on the WD500s need to go directly to neutral wire coming in from the power source.

That’s my problem. I have no idea which goes or comes from where. That’s why I illustrated it and put it up here. I have an IDEA of what goes and comes, but I’m not completely sure. Is there a way to find out?

The best way is to get a wire long enough to reach from one box to the other. Then with the power off (breaker off), use a meter to test each wire.

  1. connect the test wire to a wire in box A.
  2. connect meter lead to the test wire.
  3. Set the meter to ohm so you can test for continuity
  4. touch the other meter lead to each wire in box B until you find one that is connected.

You may need to disconnect the wires that are tied together to really sort it out by testing each one.
You can use a battery and flashlight bulb to make a improvised continuity tester.

Plenty of info on the web about how do to this. If you are not comfortable doing it I would suggest you get an electrician to do the work.

OK thanks. I will do that first and then update my post.