LimitlessLED Lights have Arrived

They just came in today…I will be doing more of an extensive review if people are interested  but in the mean time here are some initial first impressions. The kit I received is for the White LEDs (not the color ones) and has two modes, cool white, and warm white. It is also supposed to be brighter than the RGB model.

The product packaging is professional looking, and well done.
instructions are put together very well, even if there are a couple things that need fixing (such as numerous references to sections that don’t exist)
Setup was very easy, although I only setup the remote and haven’t tried the app yet
Speaking of the remote, it’s pretty slick and feels high quality, also the bulbs respond instantly to it with no hint of lag
When I first powered one up I was concerned as it was very blue, but I quickly discovered that was the “cool white” mode, and the warm light is better than I expected it to be. It has a yellowish traditional bulb hue to it.
They are not as bright as I hoped they would be. They are supposed to be as bright as a traditional 60 watt bulb…but I did not personally find that to be the case. They are even a little on the dim side to use in a beside lamp for reading (I confirmed it was set to full brightness)

Due to the brightness issue I really am not sure where I will be able to use them. I was going to give them a shot on the bedroom ceiling fan as it sits lower than the canned lighting through the rest of the house and would be a better fit for them…but I just discovered it uses those bulbs that have that really small screw flange on them.

If people are interested I can take some pictures, and a video or two showing their operation.

After playing with it a bit more, i don’t think the issue is that the bulbs are not as bright as a 60 watt incandescent …it is that they aren’t very omi-directional. When used on a bedside lamp the majority of the light goes up.

Interesting. I know what you mean about the direction of light. That seems to be the issue with LEDs, they tend to give off a very directional light vs. a wider beam like incandescents do. I’d love to see some pics if you have them. Are they not even bright enough for use at night in say a living room? I tend to always have my lights dimmed in the living room anyway.

Do you know if they will have any notification features like LIFX? I like the idea of flashing when getting a text message, or I guess integration with smart things would be great too where you could flash a light when someone is at the door, etc… I’m thinking it may be a better idea to simply get 1 or 2 lights for each room and normal lights in the rest of the room and just use the LEDs for interacting with smartthings and indicating an event.

I don’t see why they couldn’t be setup with notifications…but that would be on the app dev (Limitless) to implement. I have an android device and his app isn’t on the market yet.


I will take some pictures tonight. I haven’t tried them in the living room yet because my ceilings are so tall it is going to be a small project.