Limitless LED Integration

Has anyone had any success integrating the Limitless LED bulbs? Doesn’t seem to be much chatter regarding them lately, and Hamish isn’t responding to emails. I’d love to see these work, so i can put them throughout the house!

I bought some of these a while back and as far as I know no one ever got anywhere. Local lan connectivity was a requirement and fairly recently we got access to do that. I think once the documentation comes out on that, someone should be able to write an app to talk to and control them.

I really hope someone gets these working I don’t have them my self nor can attest to there quality but price point wise these are the only LEDs I would buy

Also the wifi controller they use is also the same one used for many led strips which I would also like to get control over

The biggest problem with Limitless LED is they only receive commands… they don’t transmit their current state or provide feedback that they were successfully controlled. So unless you are looking directly at them you’ll never be sure they are really on or off. They seem to be pretty good in terms of brightness and color temp. I decided to keep them because for the price they are about as expensive as non-wi-fi bulbs and they have color options. I think that without the transmit ability ST will never support them.

I automated them with ST by connecting them to a Remotec plug-in module so I can turn them on using a schedule when I’m not home. other than that I use their RGBW remote to control them when I’m in the room. If the bulbs are turned off from the remote they still turn on when they get power so it doesn’t matter what the bulb state is.

The remotes for color only work with RGBW bulbs. You need to purchase a separate White LED remote for the White LED bulbs. The remotes will talk to the lights directly so you don’t need to purchase the Wi-Fi bridge unless you want to control them from your phone. I didn’t find the app all that useful. it has a beta feature that lets you control the lights via WAN outside of your LAN but it took 20 or 30 tries to get it to connect and even then I was never sure the lights responded because they don’t send back their status.

Thanks for that info Joe. Maybe I should cut my losses and move on to a more supported product like TCP or Hue.

Limitless is just white labeled. They didn’t actually build anything. I’m not a fan of the bulbs really. I think its kinda just cheapo stuff and haven’t been impressed so far. If the TCP bulbs ever get integrated then I will most likely move to those. Each bulbs looks like it will be $15. I think thats a pretty good cost.

I wish the Hue bulbs would come down in price.

Hue just announced Hue Lux due out this summer. They are white only and will sell for $40. They will work with the current Hue hub. I originally thought the Hue was way overpriced but I borrowed a set to try out. I have to say I really like them. They have a good build quality and I really like the different color temps. The only downside (besides the price) is they don’t do green or green-blue very well.

There have been other threads on the forums about the Home Depot wi-fi lights and also the Sylvania Iris ZigBee spot light. I believe both of those are way less expensive than the Hue and are in ST beta.

I have a Sylvania bulb and it works well with ST.