Lights & Motion Sensor in Bathroom?

There are a lot of different things it can improve the timing. You just have to try them and see.

The first thing is to make sure that the mesh is strong so the signal can get relayed as quickly as possible.

When you paired your devices, both the bulbs and the motion sensor, were they sitting physically in the same places where they are now? Or did you pair them close to the hub and then move them?

It may be that they don’t know who the real neighbors are, in which case you need to “heal” the network and that can clear up a lot of latency. But you may not see the results of the improvement for several hours.

I think that is more a sign of how unreliable Wink is when the sensors only report from 3-30 minutes (days) . I know according to my Wink Spotter at one point the sun never rose for almost a month. So my outside lights never shut off. I thought the world had ended and I missed it .

I have bathroom lights set for 5 minutes and even then the wife has issues of the lights turning off on her when she’s in the shower and the PIR can’t see her moving ( she’s only 5’4" , at 6’4" it has no problem seeing me )
I have the fans set for 15 minutes to clear out any residual steam ( or other gasses ) left in the bathroom after somebody leaves.

The bulbs were paired when they were in the original fixtures and sensor was paired next to the hub and then moved.

I have my EcoLink PIR sensors set permanently into test mode so they are always instantly reporting, even when I had Wink and the lights haven’t been an issue, the only problem with ST at the moment is the bug with the delay even when motion persists.

I feel like the placement of PIR sensors is almost a sport/competition, visually trying to work out the best place that will capture all desired motion but be obscured from undesired motion. I try and visualise the best place for them, of course this can be made really easy with actual cameras and drawing ‘zones’ on the image and I’d go this route but the GF isn’t keen on the idea of there being cameras in the house, let alone the bathroom!

Well mine is in the ceiling with the fan/light it sees everything except the little 5’4" woman behind the 7’ curtain LOL

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I have a ST sensor in the living room linked to a cree connected and that one comes on almost instantly.The difference is that that bathroom is virtual switch since i had 2 lights in a single fixture and i was told by ST this provision is not available in the current ST app.

Yes it is. Whoever told you that was wrong. You can do it with Smart Lighting.

My Crees also come on instantly, much faster than z-wave devices in the same room being turned on at the same instant.

Then definitely do a Z wave repair. The sensor maybe trying to send a message through my neighbor doesn’t actually have access to, so it has to wait for that to fail and then try again.

Doing a Z wave repair never hurts anything, it just gets the address tables up to date. Doing a Z wave repair never hurts anything, it just gets the address tables up to date. Some people run one once a month just as maintenance.

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Z-Wave network repair finished
Network repair for Bath [02]: Failed to update route
Network repair for Bath [02]: Failed to update mesh info

What does this mean?

Sorry,Bath[02] is the name of my Multi Sensor that is in the bathroom

It probably means there’s a range problem in getting to the device. That could explain a lot. See if the following topic helps any.

I’ve recently put a motion-disarm in my kids bathroom. Thanks to the genius that had that idea, my kids have stopped yelling at me now!

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What version are you using to group lights?. I have 2.0.3 build 201311 and I was informed by a support chat representative that its not available in the current version.The work around is create a on/off virtual switch.

I did this and now the virtual switch has stopped responding.Any ideas?

An example:

Which lights: bath 1, bath 2, whatever (can select multiples)
What do you want to do: turn on/turn on and set level
How do you want to trigger: motion
Which motion sensor: bath


What’s motion-disarm?

I’m sure that there are similar solutions out there, but I use the app “Dusk to Dawn Light Controller” to turn on multiple bulbs and the response time is pretty good (Zigbee motion sensor and bulbs).

It’s a feature I put in my Motion Lighting app (see here:

I also posted the code fragments to disable motion in this thread:

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My wife banished all technology from the bathroom. LOL
If motion detected, lights came on.
If I detected humidity during morning hours, I’d turn on the coffee, and turn on the fan during any hours.
The problem was reliably detecting occupancy. A motion detector is just a motion detector. If sitting on the toilet on sitting in a bath for too long, lights would go out.
Wife wildly waving arms in the air while on toilet is not a happy wife. All sensors were yanked off the all and handed to me one day. Little did she know that those sensors kept the lights on, until I removed the logic anyway… LOL

Sure I could add one sort of sensor to the toilet and humidity sensor for bath, but seems more complicated than necessary. What I think is missing is a more advanced sensor for reliably detecting occupancy. I haven’t seen an ultrasonic occupancy sensor compatible with SmartThings yet, but that could help this issue.

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It depends on your habits. Is the door always open when no one is in the bathroom? Do you ever open the door when she’s moving around? Are there any other switches that are on when someone is in the bath, like a hallway light, a lamp? You may be able to find a way to prevent the lights from turning off, if you add a cheap contact sensor. I solved my bedroom light problem by turning the lights on/off with motion unless another switch os on, in which case I turn the lights off when motion is detected and the door opens. The trick is to place the motion in a way that it only activates if the person is near the door and not when moving around in the room.

Moisture sensor in the tub that overrides the motion for lights on ? If tub is wet don’t shut off lights. Of course then the lights would remain on for the 30-60 minutes it takes for the sensor to dry after draining tub.

The long thinking sessions on the throne without moving and the 5’4" wife that the PIR can’t see behind the shower curtain have been the constant conflict for my bathroom automation. I really need to put a dimmer on the overhead lights too. Definitely do not need them at 100% for those 3am trips. Kind of like having a flash grenade going off as you walk in the door.