Lighting group show as On when 1 bulb is off and the other is offline

Recently, not exactly sure when this started, I’ve randomly started seeing my Lighting groups as On but when I click into the group itself, I can see 1 bulb offline and 1 bulb off. Has anyone else seen the same? I’ve logged a ticket with support to see what they say.

It’s always been that way for me.

Lighting groups, as currently implemented, are pretty much useless, imo.

Yes, that is how it works for me. If all the lights are off, the group status is set to off. If any of the lights are on, the group status is set to on.

It doesn’t really make sense to me. Either the lights need to be kept in sync with each other, or there needs to be stateless off and on buttons to control the group. You shouldn’t have to turn all the lights off in order to turn them all on again.

Here’s how mine is. Has to be a bug if neither device is On yet the group is on, surely.

One of yours is Offline, not Off, so that might confuse the issue. There may never have been an Off event to reset the group state.

Oh that might indeed be why its ended up in this state, though in fairness, this is something I’ve only started seeing recently. I’ll see what Support come back with but I think you got the root cause anyway @orangebucket