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Lighting Detector App: Stop Triggering if physical switch is turned off


Thank you in advance.

Issue is tied to a motion sensor and light switch in a bathroom. It happens more then I thought it would…but when someone turns off the light manually in the bathroom, the motion sensor picks up movement as you’re walking out and turns the lights back on. I enjoy the automation of turning the lights on…But with my young kids, I still want them to understand that we turn lights off when we’re done. But in the event they/we forget…then obviously the no motion turns the lights off. So I’ve found the “Lighting Detector” app which I can override, and turn off, the scenario if the light is manually turned off. Downside, I can’t figure out how to reset the scenario (say like a minute later) so the motion detector starts working again.

Appreciate the time.

(Robin) #2

Sounds like a job for CoRE…

(Ron Talley) #3

Yeah CoRE.

I use a Virtual Motion that is triggered by the actual motion with a Latching Piston and a wait time before the VM can be triggered for active again…

However, this should work as well:
Basic Piston in Expert Mode…

If motion sensor is active
When True
Using light switch turn on


Motion Changes to Inactive
When True
Using light switch turn off
Wait “X” amount of minutes


If switch (physical) changes to Off
When True
Wait “X” amount of minutes

The wait(s) in the above should set a timer so the motion will not turn the lights on again until after the wait period because the “triggers” take priority.


Thank you for the responses. I’ll have to read up on what CoRE is and how to use it.