Lightify + Hue

I recently purchased a few Osram/Sylvania Lightify bulbs with the hope that my existing Philips Hue bridge would recognize them. Well, it doesn’t, and I’m pretty sure the reason is that the Lightify bulbs use Zigbee HA, while Hue uses Zigbee LL. I’ve heard of a few people contacting Osram and getting their bulb firmware swapped, but I also heard that they stopped doing this. (I’m waiting on a reply from Osram Americas).

Anywho, I was thinking about getting a SmartThings hub anyway, to control other devices I buy in the future. My question is, can SmartThings create lighting scenes using a combination of both Hue and Lightify bulbs? Or am I stuck making scenes with the Lightify bulbs, and separate scenes using the Hue bulbs?

Yes it can, but you can’t use the hue app or the osram app to create scenes, you have to create the scene in Smartthings. Some users also report small color discrepancies between the two brands…

The hue and osram technically can both pair directly with the st hub, however generally the best practices with Hue is to use the hue hub and with osram to pair directly with ST.


Thank you. Can smart things do animated scenes as well?

Not natively, although there’s a community created rules engine called WebCoRE that is basically a scripting tool that you can basically use to write anything you want…