Light Switch - Zigbee?

The SmartenIT 3 toggle battery operated switch is my personal favorite. Works great as a wall mount or flat on a table:

However, it’s not load bearing. But works great with smart bulbs.

SmartenIT Also makes both a single relay and dual relay which are on the official “works with smart things” list. The single can fit in a switch box. So that works well for wired control of lights.

GE does make a couple of zigbee wired switches, but I don’t know if anyone’s using them with SmartThings.

edited to add looks like @pstuart and @cmfraz started on a device type for the GE zigbee dimmer, but I don’t know if they ever finished it:

Device type needed - 45857GE Zigbee dimmer - #36 by JDRoberts

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