Arlo camera motion delay turning on light issue

I have arlo and arlo pro connected to smartthings. I’m using Arlo app to control the cameras with my own schedule mode within the arlo app. I just want to turn on a light bulb (Cree) when Motion is detected. It kind of works. In the early evening, the delay is up to 40 seconds for the light to come on after motion is detected. After 11pm, the delay is reduced to 2-3 seconds. Any ideas why the delay decreases?

I am using routines. I tried smartlighting with same result. There is not a mode change.

I was hoping someone would have a suggestion on how to fix this issue. I’m having the same problem, except that it was working fine a week ago, and inexplicably, there’s now a delay.

I was just searching on this forum to see if anyone else recently noticed an issue here. I have an original arlo and an arlo pro that On motion turns on the porch light. This is triggered through “smart lighting”. There is now a significant delay, up to 30 seconds. This used be near instant.

Anyone else seeing this issue ?

I’m having the same issue now. It used to work great. I have a z-wave motion detector that turns on a light instantly, so it seems to be an Arlo issue. I’m getting a 12 - 13 second delay.

I have same setup and noticed similar. Interestingly i never bothered to investigate it but i have noticed last few weeks its resolved itself and is almost instant again. Have you found it resolved for you too?