Light sensors?

Has anyone found a light sensor that works well? I have two Fibaro FGMS-001 and the LUX readings are really inconsistent. Suggestions are appreciated!

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How precise do you need it to be? (Precision is a different issue than consistency).

I’ve found the hue motion sensors, $39, attached to the hue bridge are very consistent in a broad range setting, basically just trying to pick up when it shifts from day to dusk. But they’re not precise.

There are some community members using them connected directly to smart things:

The cao gadgets Kumo wireless tag, ALS Pro model, $36, gives you a lot more precision and can detect multiple different types of light events, and can be integrated cloud to cloud or through the IFTTT service/channel. However, you also have to buy their $49 ethernet bridge (one Bridge for every 40 tags). But if you’re looking for something precise, it’s definitely worth considering


I’m looking for anywhere between 1-10lux at 30-60min intervals. The rooms they are in have subtle changes.

I have 2 fibaros that I use an average for light sensing and I find that they read low but they are consistently low which means they work well for my pistons.
I also have a Hue motion sensor and that also measures consistently.
Edit. Have you changed the parameters on the fibs so they report at lower lux changes?

@bobbles May I ask what device handler you are using? Mine appears to get stuck at 0lux and then jumps to 200+…

Ok thank you for the recommendation. I’m looking to stay away from any additional bridges or third party integrations like IFFT. I’ll look into the Hue sensors though. I may just have to adjust my pistons to stop using light and take the time to record the times where light is where I want it to be. Alternatively I may need to rethink how/where I am placing these sensors… Thanks again.

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For my V3.2 I’m using Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5.
For my pre V3.2 I’m using Fibaro Motion Sensor.
If you look at the device in the IDE you can change the parameters.

Parameter settings for Lux I have as follows:-
40 - 20
42 - 300