Light remote control - what are my options

This FAQ should help.

Because SmartThings is a multiprotocol hub, most people prefer remotes that can act as “button controllers” and are able to communicate to the hub which can then send messages to either Zigbee or Z wave devices, change modes, run routines, etc. Also, since the messages go through the hub you can use the remote for any combination of devices no matter where they are in your house, you’re not limited to one room. Most of the devices discussed in the linked to topic can do that.

The minimote can also do this and is very popular. :sunglasses:

The GE handheld remotes cannot act as a SmartThings “button controller” – – they are limited to only working with other Z wave devices that are pretty much in the same room. Some people like them as a very inexpensive handheld device, but the other kind are much more versatile.