Light remote control - what are my options

Are there any remote control alternatives to this one (I looked around and at this time it is not compatible with SmartThings):

Lutron Connected Bulb Remote:

It looks great and it doesn’t have be wall mounted.
It does exactly what one would expect: On/Off plus dim.

There are tons of options out there. It will be up to you how much work you want to put in on the back end. Here are a few that I did a quick search on Amazon’s site that should work with the ST hub with some tinkering :yum:

Most people are going the route of using a voice controlled option like the Amazon Echo. In my opinion, the voice controlled is the way to go.

Thanks @Sugi,
I’m glad to hear there are tons of options. Makes me feel I made the right choice coming to SmartThings.
I didn’t quite understand the part what you said “how much work I want to put on the back end”.

Do you mean the work involved during setup or processing/tasks handled by the hub?
I was looking for something “officially supported”, which leads me believe integration would be easy but even though I’m new to SmartThings I’m a software engineer and very comfortable around electronics so I don’t mind having to poke around.

While I agree with you on voice commands and I might have Amazon Echo downstairs, here are some scenarios where such remote (like the Lutron) comes in handy - targeting a single light bulb (or a group acting as one).

  • Guest room: a remote on the nightstand, on the bedside.
  • Kids room, same as above so the kid can dim the light at bed time without the overhead of a tablet or smartphone and without getting out of her bed.

For these scenarios, it must be a simple remote, too many buttons or functions (not in use) will be a distraction.

Is this what I’m looking for?
Lightify is ZigBee and this is Z-Wave but I’m assuming the hub will be the bridge, correct?

Aeon Labs Minimote

This FAQ should help.

Because SmartThings is a multiprotocol hub, most people prefer remotes that can act as “button controllers” and are able to communicate to the hub which can then send messages to either Zigbee or Z wave devices, change modes, run routines, etc. Also, since the messages go through the hub you can use the remote for any combination of devices no matter where they are in your house, you’re not limited to one room. Most of the devices discussed in the linked to topic can do that.

The minimote can also do this and is very popular. :sunglasses:

The GE handheld remotes cannot act as a SmartThings “button controller” – – they are limited to only working with other Z wave devices that are pretty much in the same room. Some people like them as a very inexpensive handheld device, but the other kind are much more versatile.