How to trigger a Alarm (flashing Light only) when a door opens

(Art Longoria) #1

Hi, Does anyone have a suggest on how trigger a light only when a door sensor opens? Like a Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless Z-wave Red Lense, but only want a light not the siren. Any other ideas or alarms/lights that would flash, would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

How can I make a light flash when the cell phone rings?
(Darc Ranger) #2

This one of the apps that was created under the SmartThings gitHub repository. The Flasher app is also accessible in the IDE under the “Browse SmartApp Templates” link.

(Mike Maxwell) #3

get an aeon micro, use my device driver, which exposes the devices hardware flash mode as an alarm capability…

(Art Longoria) #4

Great thank you both, I will try and let you know what happens. Thank you

(Art Longoria) #5

@DarcRanger , I tried it and it worked but the siren still goes off. Can the siren be turned off?

(Darc Ranger) #6

You ,must have another app linking either the light or door sensor linked to the siren. The app you using does not use the siren.

(Tom Kalinoski) #7

Anyway to only make the lights flashed if the door was open for X seconds, say after 30 seconds?


hm this looks good - the flasher - however I was looking to change the code to include a color selection - but it doesnt seem I am able to - would anyone be able to assist?

I was able to add the color selection by adding the following to the preferences

section("Choose light effects..."){
  		input "color", "enum", title: "Hue Color?", required: false, multiple:false, options: [
  			["Soft White":"Soft White - Default"],
  			["White":"White - Concentrate"],
  			["Daylight":"Daylight - Energize"],
  			["Warm White":"Warm White - Relax"],
  		input "lightLevel", "enum", title: "Light Level?", required: false, options: [[10:"10%"],[20:"20%"],[30:"30%"],[40:"40%"],[50:"50%"],[60:"60%"],[70:"70%"],[80:"80%"],[90:"90%"],[100:"100%"]]


but I cant figure out how to actually call it in the original code - anyone?


(Bryan Blake) #9

Anyone have thoughts or suggestions on having a light flash with a leak sensor trip. IN other words the sump pump doesn’t start and the great flood does the lights go blinky blinky

Thank you