How to trigger a Alarm (flashing Light only) when a door opens

Hi, Does anyone have a suggest on how trigger a light only when a door sensor opens? Like a Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless Z-wave Red Lense, but only want a light not the siren. Any other ideas or alarms/lights that would flash, would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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This one of the apps that was created under the SmartThings gitHub repository. The Flasher app is also accessible in the IDE under the “Browse SmartApp Templates” link.

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get an aeon micro, use my device driver, which exposes the devices hardware flash mode as an alarm capability…

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Great thank you both, I will try and let you know what happens. Thank you

@DarcRanger , I tried it and it worked but the siren still goes off. Can the siren be turned off?

You ,must have another app linking either the light or door sensor linked to the siren. The app you using does not use the siren.

Anyway to only make the lights flashed if the door was open for X seconds, say after 30 seconds?

hm this looks good - the flasher - however I was looking to change the code to include a color selection - but it doesnt seem I am able to - would anyone be able to assist?

I was able to add the color selection by adding the following to the preferences

section("Choose light effects..."){
  		input "color", "enum", title: "Hue Color?", required: false, multiple:false, options: [
  			["Soft White":"Soft White - Default"],
  			["White":"White - Concentrate"],
  			["Daylight":"Daylight - Energize"],
  			["Warm White":"Warm White - Relax"],
  		input "lightLevel", "enum", title: "Light Level?", required: false, options: [[10:"10%"],[20:"20%"],[30:"30%"],[40:"40%"],[50:"50%"],[60:"60%"],[70:"70%"],[80:"80%"],[90:"90%"],[100:"100%"]]


but I cant figure out how to actually call it in the original code - anyone?


Anyone have thoughts or suggestions on having a light flash with a leak sensor trip. IN other words the sump pump doesn’t start and the great flood does the lights go blinky blinky

Thank you