Light automations no longer working

My 4-way smart switch no longer functions. Regardless if I press the physical button to turn on the light or use the SmartThings app to turn on the lights, I’ll see the light flashes and then quickly off again. Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot this issue is much appreciated.

Brand/model of the switch?

Actually it’s a three-way Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch ZEN71.

Have your tried pulling the air gap or powering off the power to it? If it continues to not work, you may want to contact support at the smartest house

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@jkp, thanks! I don’t think my model has an air gap but I will try pulling the off to that switch and see if it does anything.

If the physical switch isn’t working then you’ve got an issue with a switch or possibly loose wires.

If power cycling at the breaker doesn’t help, cut power then check that all wires are tightly attached to the switch and all bundled up wires are secured. Start with the smart switch, then check the aux switches.

If that doesn’t fix it, disconnect all the aux switches and see if the smart switch works by itself. If it doesn’t, it’s the problem. If it works alone, reconnect the aux switches one at a time.

Also, open a case with Zooz support. My experiences with them have been very good.

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Thanks for the all the responses. I got it working now…for some reason one of the lightbulb is going bad and it seems to affect the switch.

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