Light automation failing for mode change

Hi there, I’m trying to build a very simple scene combining routines and smart apps.
The idea is to lower the blinds, turn off the ceiling lights and turn on a few hue lights to a specific color.

I tried to achieve this by creating a routine that turn off the lights and blinds (that always work) and since I could not change the color of the hue light, I read here that I should rely on setting a mode. So I did that, I created a mode = Movie that the routine sets.

And then I created a lighting smart app that sets the color and turns the light on, when the routine is changed to Movie.

Problem is that this fails almost every time (the hue light that is). The routine seems to be setting the mode, but the light won’t turn on.

Any suggestions on what could I do to fix this?


  1. Consider using a Scene rather than a Routine. Scenes can be directly activated by Smart Lighting.

  2. ActionTiles had a customer report today that Mode changes were not reflected in our App. I don’t experience the issue, but perhaps there is a temporary or worse problem with mode change Events. If #1 isn’t practical, consider using a Virtual Switch as your Lighting trigger.

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Thank you, I wasn’t even aware of scenes, much better approach :slight_smile:

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I have never had an issue with Mode changes reflecting in AT. As a matter of fact I just created and ran a quick Routine for Home, Night, Away and it changed on the Mode Tile in AT within a second.

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