LIFX color bulbs $39.99

(Quazie Kwaselow) #1

Unsure how long this will last - thinking of picking up a few to see if I like them.

Flood bulb:
Standard bulb:


I really like mine. I have 800’s and 1000’s The colours are much deeper the the Philips Hue Unlike the Hue’s you actually get green light. The only problem I’ve had is when ST pushed some “upgrades” and a few bulbs dropped off the app.
The customer service is top notch. I received a bad bulb. They sent a new bulb right away. The made a mistake and sent a white bulb instead of bronze. They shipped out the correct bulb and let me keep the mistake ( a LIFX colour 1000).

(Christopher Masiello) #3

This is good to know. I’m considering buying a Hue starter kit. I like the idea of the bridge being able to control a bunch of stuff. However, this price makes the LIFX bulbs a real tough choice.

(Brad Langhorst) #4

How is the reliability on these Lifx bulbs? The Amazon reviews aren’t very good, but I’ve heard this bulb has the best color of all of the color bulbs. I currently have Hue Blooms and a couple of Osram RGBWs and thought about adding this to my stable for testing. It seems Best Buy has it for $39.99 too and I have a rewards certificate I need to use… :smiley:

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #5

I have both color and white bulbs they’ve been pretty reliable. The app is good too. They are just releasing a new bulb soon that also does IR. I’m going to be replacing two bulbs I normally keep turned off (except for party time!) with the IR ones…I’ll just leave them on IR instead of off at night so my cameras can see even better. I use all of them where they tell me not to…outside. But they are under glass so they are protected from the elements.

(Brad Langhorst) #6

Thanks Keith, I went ahead and ordered one to play with. My wife is going to kill me, lol.

(Eric) #7

This is likely because LIFX is release a new version. Not worth upgrading or waiting for unless you have security cameras as the bulbs give of infrared while off.

I have 37 LIFX bulbs, I love them, but…

Lastly, my DH for controlling groups or groups of groups…


I’ve only had to reset 2 of mine since I purchased them last Decembre.

(Rajan Kannan) #9

Philips also has announced its next generation Hue bulbs. This new Hue color bulbs is going to catch up with LIFX color bulbs by providing the richer colors especially the Blue and Green colors which it was lacking before. . Check the video between 14:35sec and 29.25sec.


I have 6 LIFX bulbs. one thing to note. Support told me that LIFX bulbs can interfere with the smartthings presence sensors which can cause them to misfire. This was when I contacted them because my arrival sensor was misfiring :slight_smile:
I have no evidence that the bulbs were causing this issue, but now I am weary of getting any more.

(Eric) #11

I don’t know how they can interfere except for the fact that the 2.4ghz wifi channels can overlap with your zigbee channel. You can avoid the channel if needed.

(Bruce Robertson) #12

Looks like floods are still available at that price, standard are not. I got 2 of the standard after you posted. Thanks!