Lifx bulbs wonky today (9-17-16)

I know there’s a SmartThings status post about Phillips hue bulbs having issues today,but is anybody seeing problems with their lifx bulbs like I am?

Details of the problem? Are the bulbs completely nonresponsive? Turn on but don’t turn off? Have a delay for either turning on and turning off or both? Or?

There just nothing reliable today. Sometimes they turn them on from the mobile app they won’t turn on but the App says that they are on. And then I will click the same bulb again to turn it off and then back on and it will come on.

They are working fine from the LIFX app. It’s just smart things that’s GIVING ME ISSUES today.

I have been having issues yesterday and today. Everything works. It just isn’t reliable. I have a lot of LIFX bulbs, 35 of them. I am not sure if we are having the same issue. I recently added 10 bringing me to 35. I suspected a network issue which I’ve been tweaking all morning.

Network Setup
2 x Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO
1 x Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE
1 x Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR (long range) for my back yard

The network can handle a lot of devices. All LIFX bulbs are connected to the 2 UAP-AC-PROs.

I have been messing with power, min RSSI, location, disabling and AP.

@JDRoberts, no I haven’t messed with my channel yet per our zigbee conversation.

My actual symptoms are…

I will turn on a group of lights and 85% of the time all the lights will turn on, same with off. But 15% of the time just some will do what they should.

If I control the lights individually, 1 by 1 it works 100%. Not sure if there is an issue on the LIFX side of things. Their stats page claims there is not.

I should also mention that sometimes I’ll turn on 10 lights, 8 will turn on immediately, then the last 2 will come on a second or two later.

I am using my Group of Groups DH which makes a singletter API call to LIFX for a group or set of Groups versus calling commands for each light 1 by 1.

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I’m having the same issue the last couple days.
I checked the logs and there seems to be “timed_out” messages showing up from time to time when LIFX bulb is unresponsive.

LIFX app, both in LAN and cloud mode do not have issue controlling the bulbs so this is definitely another ST issue.

How do you switch between them?

Turn off wifi on your phone to force the LIFX app to use the cloud.

Is there any documentation that that being on your wifi forces it to use their LAN protocol? They actually have a separate LAN protocol vs HTTP API.

I am probably going to jinx myself but I installed my new Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite today (to go along with my Ubiquiti access points). Instantly made all my LIFX bulbs work great. No failures since the install. My guess was that my out of the box Verizon router couldn’t handle the 75+ clients on the network.

I have a standard [popular, cheap, brand name] router than feels like it crumbles with <20 devices connected. The local network can definitely make a HUGE difference in smart home effectiveness (and streaming TV!?)

I am pretty sure that it was my network. I never thought my issue was a ST issue.

I moved from the standard Verizon Quantum router this to this and I think it solved my problems. BTW I was never using the Verizon router for wireless. It wasn’t a wireless issue. It was the routers ability to handle so many clients (wired or wireless).

This morning everything still worked fine.

I running a high end Asus router (2 year old) and I’ve never had issues with any Wifi devices. I even have my wifi cameras (high traffic) on a separate dedicated wifi AP on a separate 2.4 channel from my main one that LIFX uses.

When I use the LIFX app, no matter how fast/slow I toggle on/off the LIFX bulb, it NEVER misses a command or times out, even when I’m on cellular data connection to force LIFX cloud, so I don’t think it’s my wifi router/AP.

My “timed_out” issue I see in ST logs only happens through the ST/LIFX connect integration. Even if I toggle on/off the LIFX bulb slowing (once every ~30 seconds) through ST app, I still get “timed_out” randomly so there’s definitely something wrong with the ST/LIFX integration. btw, I only have two LIFX bulbs.

ST/LIFX integration failed again last night, where my ST Good Night routine turns off these LIFX bulbs, ST failed to turn off one of two LIFX bulbs and it was on all night.

I opened a ticket with support but so far I’ve only gotten useless information from them about how LIFX is a LAN integration (wrong!) and how I should just refresh my LIFX connect smartapp to fix my problem, which obviously didn’t help.