LiftMaster 829LM

So I know you can use a door sensor to check the status of a garage door, but has anyone looked at using the 829LM from LiftMaster as a hardwired way to poll the status of the door? It has separate LEDs indicating whether the door is open or closed, so I was thinking about wiring the LED output up to an input of an Arduino device (maybe an ESP8266 board) to check the status. I am also interested in seeing if it works if I disable the internet, because that’d mean that polling the status is done locally, avoiding the server flooding issues of previous attempts to integrate with MyQ.

Well, phase 2 would be wiring up the close button on the 829LM and phase 3 would be adding a door opener remote. Then from one device, I could provide a status for the door and functions to open, close normal, and close safely (the Liftmaster light flashing, beeping close that the 829LM provides). I have two doors and adding another 829LM would give me all of that for both, from one device. I already have some ESP8266’s set up similarly for other non-ST purposes, which mitigates some of the ‘messy’ factor in terms of implementation.

Has anyone played with the 829LM as a door status provider?

If you’re using an arduino, just pick up a cheap dry contact sensor and wire it to the arduino. Then just use the community created myQ app to control things.