LifeShield integration

Hi, I have a lifeshield security system at home and would like to integrate it with Smartthings. Getting smartthings to respond to lifeshield events (armed, disarmed, open, close, etc) is simple enough by using IFTTT GMail to trigger smartthings actions when it gets an email matching certain criteria. The challenge is getting smartthings to trigger events on lifeshield, speccifically I’d like it to send an arm event when I leave home. I have not found any documentation of anyone trying this smartthings however I did come across this with Vera:
It seems pretty straight forward and the php code can probably be re-written as a Smart App however that means storing the credentials to lifeshield in the Smart App code unless I’m missing something. Keep in mind that I only got my smartthings this week so if my questions seem stupid let me know :smile:

  1. If this converted to a smart app how secure is the code?
  2. Can you build a smart app that takes the username and password as a parameter and if so how secure would those be?
  3. If we simply take the web sevice above built in php and host locally would the smartthings hub be able to communicate with it, does the httpGet command in Smartthings have the ability to hit a local web server not availble to the outside world?

Any other suggestions on how to approach this?


Was there ever anything to come of this?

Yes, I’ve build something very similar using the vera-lifeshield code. Since no one responded to my security concerns I didn’t want to store the lifeshield credentials in the actual smartapp so I’m hosting a slightly modified php page on a local server (but you could easily host it on a raspberry pi or something similar). See the code here
There is a device type for a simple momentary switch calls the locally hosted php. Then the php page logs in and issues the command to LifeShield. All I wanted was a momentary switch to Arm the alarm so it gets armed when everyone leaves the house, so that’s all I implemented. See screenshot of settings for the device type.

Sweet… just way beyond my tech level. I would have to have a full walk though on it. I don’t care for the password saved in app but I could deal with it. But in the same respect I actually have actually have an extra Pi as of Christmas lol. I just don’t know how to setup the server ur referring to.

You can follow these instructions to setup Apache and PHP on your Raspberry Pi (when you get to PHP, you’ll also need to install curl so run this: sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-curl -y instead of sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 -y

Then just copy the two php files I posted in /var/www/html/lifeshield on the device, and edit the config.ini.php with your lifeshield credentials. You don’t need to put a username and password in the configuration of your device in smart things.

Make sure your RPi local IP doesn’t change (create a DHCP reservation in your home router or just set a static IP on the Pi).

Hope this helps.

ok working on it. Just cant get the files to copy over… have to figure out permissions since it seems the file manager isn’t root.

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Ok I think I have it built but now I don’t know how to set it up to army when the system goes into Away mode?

Did you setup the device in smartthings? If so, just go to Routines in your Smartthings up and add your new device under Turn on these Light Switches for the Away Routine, then all the way donw: Automatically perform Goodbye when… “Everyone Leaves”

I think I have all that setup I don’t have anything in the URI and not sure what to put there. Is it just the line from config file that is for arming?

You have to put exactly what I had in my screenshot if you placed your files in /var/www/lifeshield as I did. So: /lifeshield/do_lifeshield?f=arm_away

You can also test the full URL in a browser on your PC or phone If you setup everything correctly up to this point your alarm start counting down the exit delay.

That is what I have setup. I dont know anything about php and very little about html. But how does it know to look in /lifeshied instead of stopping at /html ?

That looks good. Did you restart Apache or the Pi after copying the files? sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Nope no dice. I will try setting up a Pi from scratch tomorrow and see if it goes better.

Still no change, something is missing… just with a lack of programming skills I don’t know what.

So I thought I had an idea of why I couldn’t get it to work… When i went to try installing it again from fresh it seems that the repositories have been deleted or changed. Any help on what is happening there?

So I got it to work at least do something on Wheezy. When I put in the url to the address bar it says:

“You are not logged in.”

Hi do you know if the lifeshield sensors work with smart things standing alone I’m about to leave their company and I still have equipment to use

I left them too… unfortunately most of their sensors don’t work with anything but lifeshield. Some are Honeywell 5800 so they will work with Honeywell Lynx and some other Honeywell alarm systems. I did end up buying a Honeywell system and monitoring from GeoArm to replace lifeshield and was able to re-use the following: smoke detector (not the siren detector but the standalone smoke detector), motion sensor, glass break sensor. Open close sensors, siren detector and keyfobs did not work.
None of the lifeshield sensors will work with smartthings stand alone, as they are neither zwave or zigbee.

Thanks Alex so I can I reuse my lifeshield smoke detector and motion sensor with smart things?

No, not with SmartTings directly… with Honeywell.