Life360 showed trips I did not make

My app life360 showed that I had made various trips last night between the hours of midnight and 5am, varying from 20 minutes up to a little under 2 hours. The strange thing is I did not even leave my house. None of the trips were of great distance. How is this possible ?

You’ll need to contact Life360 support for help on this.

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This has to do with your phone and Life360. You can get a hold of Life360 support but in my experience. When you have unreliable phone presence or have Wifi. Your life 360 jumps all over place. Possible your other half playing trick on you as well since it’s April 1st.

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Do you have an iPhone?

When they sleep, I think WiFi turns off, and may turn back on periodically as background apps do stuff.

Every time the WiFi turns off, maybe your geolocation is pegging you to a cell tower that’s farther away, so Life360 thinks you keep making trips to cell towers and back.