Please help Phone keeps "leaving" and setting off alarm

hello, we just got new pixel 2 phones, My phone keeps leaving all the time and set off our alarm, my wifes phone does NOT have this issue, when she is home it stays at home

is there anything i can do to stop this? i bring up google maps and it shows me at home, nor does my google history show the phone leaving my house, but ST thinks it is

Maybe theres a setting that shuts off your WiFi when the phone is asleep? I don’t have an Android phone but this can happen with iPhones.

I never needed my wifi on my old phone? we have 4G LTE so having our wifi uses that data.

What I mean is, if the phone intermittently shuts off the WiFi while asleep to save power, every time it does that, it’s possible that the phone’s location accuracy goes down. So the phone temporarily thinks it moved somewhere else, since it’s using only the local cell towers to triangulate position instead of WiFi as well.

But I’m not sure if I’m clear on your last statement. Are you saying that your phone is never connected to WiFi?

See if this improves things: Install life360 in both pixel phones then add life360 to Smartthings app. See below:

Then Use life360 as presence instead of phone.

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wanted to test this for a while and this has fixed the issue 99% once in while it will mess up but very very good !

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