Smart Thermostats Controller for HVAC Wired Air Conditioners

Hi everyone,

I have been doing some research on Smart Thermostats and I have been able to identify the most common ones, NEST and ECOBEE. In the meantime these are not supported by my LG Air Conditioner.

Apparently my Air Conditioner is a Wired HVAC with only 3 wires. I have also checked some other alternatives which work with Infrared (IR) Remotes, but this is not even my case.

Can anyone recommend me some alternatives to these 2 devices ?
Please find in the following links some images of my LG Wired HVAC Controller:

Thank you.

I’m assuming your thermostat works with batt, most smart thermostats need four wire (you missing the common) works with power, so you need the fourth wire, open that black tape see if there is wire inside, if not try to pull new 4 set wire

Use a Venstar to convert your 3 wire to a 4 wire system and it should work with these thermostats.

You can also consider using a CT-100 Z-Wave Plus thermostat from @TheSmartestHouse

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Hi @RBoy,

Thank you for your answer, but Venstar Add-a-Wire is to transform 4 into 4 wires, and I only have 3.
Will this work the same way ?

From the images I have shared I have a only one Signal Wire. The other 2 are power wires (Ground and 12v).

Thank you.

It can work with 2,3 or 4 wires. See what configuration best suits your setup here:

Hello Daniel,
Did you ever get sorted out? I’m in the same situation with my LG air conditioning.

Hi @Nkosi,

No I still have this problem. I did not find a solution to replace my thermostat. Have you found anything ?

Thank you.

No. I believe it’s not possible.
Thanks for replying, Colin

I have created a post on reddit to try to see if someone else has inputs on this:

Let you know if someone replies.

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