Leviton VRCS4-MRZ Scene Controller and SMT HUB V3

Hi everybody

I had a smartthing hub v2 and I was able to include my scenes controller (VSCR4-MRZ) to my zwave network using this DHT and SMARTAPP Leviton VRCS4
both worked fine, @bdahlem or @ygelfand Apps and DHT. But unfortunally my V2 Hub died and I had to buy a new one, a V3 version. Now I am not able to set up my vrcs4-M0z to work, DTH and SMARTAPP from @bdahlem neither @ygelfand has worked.

Could someone help to figure out what´s wrong? Since now I apreciate any help

Have you tried re-publishing the DTH?


Yes, when my old hub died I had to buy the new hub and clean and start my network again. After that I tryed to install both @bdahlem and @ygelfand app´s and DTH , but no success.

With @bdahlem DTH, my hub just recognize when I press just the button 1 on my VRCS4 , buttons 2,3 or 4 no answer.

Guys, there are some one that could help ?