Leviton switch locator LED works , but light won't turn on

I recently purchased tow of the Leviton DZS15-1LZ Decora switches, and I can not get them to work correctly. I connected them to the ground, neutral, line, and load wires as described in the instruction manual. The green locator LED turns on, but it will not turn on my lights. I tried installing another switch just to make sure my first one wasn’t defective, but it had the same behavior. At this point i’m stumped. All the other switches around my house work perfectly fine. I am not trying to install these in a 3-way location. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve verified that a CFL is good. I’ve also put my old light switch back and it works. I’m certain that I’ve connected the black to the light (I ruined another light switch by connecting it backwards), and my neutral is connected with a piece of scrap wire coming off my bundle of neutrals.

Smartthings is able to pair with it.

Simple answer… the Leviton DZS15-1LZ are only for incandescent or halogen bulbs NOT LED or CFL bulbs. They are rated for 1800W and the draw from CFL or LED bulbs is not enough for the switch to work.

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So regular light bulbs won’t work either than? I tried a 60 W and it also doesn’t turn on.