LED flicker after installing Leviton DZ15S-1BZ

Hi all. New here and to Smartthings. This community has been VERY helpful in getting me started. Just setup my hub last night and installed a Leviton DZ15S-1BZ switch without any drama to control my ceiling fan light in my living room. The switch is single pole and is wired into a 3-gang panel. The second switch is also a single pole to control the same ceiling fan (fan itself) and the third switch is a 3-way switch that controls some recessed lights in my kitchen. The 4 ceiling fan lights (6w led) worked fine last night, no issues. This morning there is one bulb (out of 4) that now has a constant flicker. All other bulbs operate fine. I even switched the bulbs around and found the same bulb had a flicker no matter what “socket” of the light fixture I put it in. So to me it sounds like the issue is with the bulb itself and not the light fixture/wiring. Any thoughts? I brought the bulb in question with me to work today thinking I’ll swap it out at Home Depot hoping that would fix the issue. Wanted to hear from the experts here though first. Before I installed the Leviton switch, I would get a weird flicker/delay from a bulb or two. But that was just with the initial on flip of the switch. Has never constantly flickered like now. But can’t say for sure if that was the same bulb in question or not.

FWIW, my 3 gang panel is wired so the line comes in with the second switch. That line is pigtailed with 3 wires and then those 3 wires each run to all three switches as the line (hot). There are two other black wires in the box that are connected with a wire nut. I did not test these, but I’m assuming they are the other 2 line (hot) wires from the 1st and 3rd switch. Then the loads are ran from each switch as normal. From my research this seems to be a common way to wire a 3 gang panel. Just wasn’t sure if this could be causing my flickering issue in any way or not?

I did not quite absorb where you said it flickered, if it flickered when OFF (which can happen depending on load or wiring), or if it flickered when ON.

if when ON, then I expect that LED bulb is a little cooked and worn-out, and replacement is suggested, and be aware that could happen again to any of them as they age.

if when OFF, then I expect your load is a little too low for the smart switch, and/or it may be affecting only your most susceptible LED bulb. Workarounds are to increase load, or substitute an incandescent for one of the bulbs, or possibly you are missing a neutral connection to the switch. Note this particular switch DZ15S-1BZ is documented as supposedly solving the low-load issue, but I would not assume that is actually true without testing

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Sorry, I didn’t specify. It happens only when the switch is on. There is a neutral connection that I pigtailed into from the new switch with a piece of 12AWG wire. So all should be good with how I wired it. I’ll pick up a new bulb today and hopefully that solves the issue. Thanks for the response!!

New bulb solved the issue. Thanks again!!

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