Leviton releases 5 zwave plus devices--solves low load glow problem

Most Manufacturers, Leviton included, sell the switches with white and almond covers. Then if you want one of the other colors that they manufacture, you have to buy a separate “color change” kit. And you just swap that cover for the one that came with the switch.

Leviton has announced that there will be a gray color change kit for the new zwave plus switch, but I don’t think it’s on the market yet. There’s a placeholder for it at Amazon:

Note that the older color change kit, which is VPKit, is available in gray, but it won’t fit the new switches because they have a different form factor.

GE/Jasco makes black switch covers for their switches, but not gray.


Cooper has a " silver granite" in their Aspire zwave line which I really like, but it’s a little shinier than the standard gray that Leviton uses. Cooper does sell each color as its own switch rather than having the changeable covers.


I would get in touch with Leviton support and ask them when their gray color change kit is going to be available. Here’s the product page for that:


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I’ve got one the black switch covers for may GE switch, but my bathroom has grey. I’ll definitely try and give Leviton a call and see when the grey smart switch cover will be available for the new switches, thanks!

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Anyone know the operating temperature range of these? I can’t find that information anywhere and I am worried that they will begin failing on hot days if exposed to sunlight?

I would get in touch with Leviton support and ask, I haven’t seen anything published on this.


I did, still waiting. We will see what happens.

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thanks JD. I do have a question or for anyone who has installed the DZ6HD. I have a 3 way receptacle, and just installed a DZ6HD in it. Do I have to have the DD00R-DLZ installed in the other 3way receptacle to make the lights actually work?
I could get see the bar lights on the DZ6, but no lights came on in the room. I still have just an old 3way switch in the other switch, but no one has said I HAVE to have both receptacles as Leviton switches…
Any help appreciated…Curt

If it’s currently wired as a non-networked three-way, then it isn’t going to work to just replace one device . You have to replace all of the devices in a three-way, not just the master.

So you can use the DZ6HD as a standalone switch, but then there have to be no auxiliaries wired into the circuit.

thanks JD. I was getting that feeling, but I still am learning the mechanics of smart switches. I ordered the companion switch for the DZ6HD and will hope i have no other issues…

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Having the same issue. Using jasonxh’s device handler, which is working well. But the rate on/off is only effective at the physical switch.

Any ideas?

Thanks. I was going bats trying to fix this - I new WHERE the problem was, but didn’t have a clue what to do to fix it. In the end I actually used switchMultilevelV1 (single parameter), as I have a separate configure() for the dimming duration and that worked fine. Curious: how did you figure this out?

Info on TWO handlers for the DZ6HD can be found in these posts:

You can find a post relating to my dimmer at:

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Sorry for the noob question, but I was able to add your DH. If I have an already installed switch, do I have to remove it from the network to take advantage of this DH?

For most devices, the answer should be no.

You just go to the device page in the IDE and change the handler in the dropdown menu to your new one. Save and you should be good to go.

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Ok, I was able to get this changed, and can get to the optional settings etc.

The original reason I wanted to try this is because this switch is running a single LED bulb. I receive maximum brightness at about 25% on the app. I was hoping I could change that so that it is a little closer to reality.

I have played with the settings and can not seem to make any change in it.

Any suggestions?

How did you change these settings? I’ve got the Samsung Hub (version 2) and can’t see any way in the app to get to these!

Typically you go to the device details page in the app and there will be a tiny gear icon, usually in the upper right corner, and you click on that and you can see The parameters there available to configure.

If you happen to be using a device type handler which doesn’t expose those parameters, you can temporarily change to the “Z wave tweaker“ for any Z wave mains powered device and see all of its parameters and change the settings. But you will have to go into the user manual for your device to find out what the settings should be. Once you get the parameters set the way you want to, then you go back to using your original device type handler.

Thanks I’ll check this out - looks cool. I actually did look at what options were available under the gear icon before posting and they are really limited for all the things I’ve set up so far - all Leviton, the dimmer plug (DZPD3-1BW), 15A plug (DZPA1-2BW), and the receptacle (DZR15-1RZ). Is this an issue w/Leviton not making this available in the app? What manufacturers do make this information available? Or is this a matter of which SmartThings app you use? In which case, any recommendations instead of the Samsung app?

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It depends on the device handler. Official device handlers are created by SmartThings. Unofficial device handlers are usually created by a community developer, though I think I’ve seen some handlers that a device manufacturer created.

This FAQ post is a little old but it’s still accurate and explains how custom code works in ST (including smartapps and device handlers).


How do you edit the Generic Dimmer Switch?
Do you have to change the version to Draft? Are there any inconvients with doing this? (updates/responsiveness)?

Couple of questions on the Leviton dimmer:

  • Does the Leviton dimmer offer a way to go instantly to 100% brightness? I have some “dumb” Leviton dimmers, and I can double tap them to go to 100% (and it leaves the last last brightness setting intact) or single tap to go to the last setting. I just don’t want to stand there holding the switch down for several seconds if I want it at full brightness and it was previously dim.

  • Is there any noticeable delay between pushing the button and the lights coming on? I just installed a Homeseer dimmer, and while the single tap is responsive, the double or triple tap function to go to 100% has about a 1 to 1.5 second delay.