Leviton - 30ish devices, only 2 local, yet virtually all the same Leviton

I decided to migrate from Honeywell Tuxedo to Smartthings as my Zwave hub. Prior to this my Tuxedo was primary and Smartthings secondary.

After painfully deleting the 30ish Zwave devices and pairing them with the Smarthub I went into Smartthings developer to look at devices and found that only two of the Leviton plug-in modules were local, all others were ‘cloud’.

I added most as ‘generic zwave’ and a few as Leviton switch. (Note that of the 30ish devices I have 5 toggle switches, Honeywell or GE)

I deleted/added a Leviton plug-in switch several times, adding as GENERIC Zwave or Leviton. It didn’t seem to matter.

Shouldn’t these devices be showing up as ‘local’?

A bit confused here.

Also, I did a Zwave repair (twice) and unplugged the hub for about 10 minutes. No real change…

if any of the Devices display “Placeholder” as the Device type in IDE then they are using Edge Drivers. Those will display as Cloud in IDE but they are running locally on the hub. Edge is part of the new architecture while IDE was designed for the old architecture and does not display the data properly for Edge.

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Thanks so much for explaining that! I’d thought that I’d managed to FUBAR something. I’m guessing that, over time it will work out and display correctly!

I wish that, with Zwave, there was an easy ‘shift to Primary’ function that worked across brands. This deletion/reentry consumed hours yesterday.


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IDE should be shut down by the end of this year. You may want to start looking at CLI at this point.

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And if your hub ever dies, guess what… there’s no backup/restore functionality to move to a new SmartThings hub.

As @jkp mentioned, the IDE is part of the legacy Groovy-based platform and will die when it dies. We’re all hoping for something more user-friendly than the CLI and web API but … unsure what that will be.

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