Enerwave ZW15SM-Plus Offline

I just added a Enerwave ZW15SM-Plus switch to my SmartThings network. The device added without issue and work fine in manual operation but it shows up offline in the app so I can’t control it. The device is located about 30’ from my hub with 2 wood stud walls and drywall in between, and the other Z-Wave devices less than 10’ from the switch, so I don’t think it is a distance issue. I used the default driver in the app for the switch. Any ideas?

I had the same issue. I re-added it and it created a new device, but it shows as a placeholder in the IDE interface. and it runs in the cloud now. no idea why, but it’s at least working. I deleted the original device that was using a generic Z wave driver. Not sure if there’s a better way to ‘fix’ it, and make it local. the device looks like this in the IDE:

I also did the generic driver and since then it has been working fine.

That is perfectly normal. IDE is in the process of being shutdown. It was originally for the legacy platform for groovy. With Edge, they simply display as Placehokder. All Edge drivers run locally on the hub so ignore the cloud execution seen in IDE.

Best options instead of IDE are to use CLI or:

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Thanks so much! It has been so long since I setup everything, and was totally lost. These days I just try to figure out why something isn’t working when everyone in the house complains. Thanks for the explanation and the link to the API Browser!