LED Settings for Enbrighten Toggle Switch Missing

I recently had to redo my Smartthings hub with devices (that is a while different story) and I have now realized when I replaced a new Enbrighten toggle switch that the setting feature to turn led switch light on/off, etc. is missing? All my other switches led lights are still working but they all are also missing the settings feature. I am thinking (that is dangerous) that it is a simple fix with with a driver, but have no idea how to obtain it or to install. Can anyone help?

I use a 3rd party driver for my GE/Jasco/Enbrighten devices. Try this link.. Go to the channel invitation and sign in and add the driver to your hub. Then go into the device in the ST’s app and change the driver, you should have all the options available again.


Thank you so much. Works! :grin:

Not necessary now but, for all devices I know of that have a setting for the locator LED, there’s a sequence of taps on the paddles which will cycle thru the possible settings. Grab the manual for your device and you’ll find it.

I actually tried that but it didn’t work for the toggle. Thanks anyway.

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