Leaving SmartThings

Yep, but to be honest, I couldn’t find a Hub in the UK anyway, even Amazon imports, I got tired of seeing the parcel status “parcel with customs” I was just lucky I didn’t get import charges lol!

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Exactly the same


The default was US, when shipped

Thanks, @JDRoberts for educating me. Again.

Apologies to @Scoggy


No worries @HalD , and thanks to the Legend @JDRoberts, I am the same as most people slightly worried that after all the effort over the years pouring fantastic routines into our homes, spending many hours of studying, I could lose it all, With a demanding career I no longer have the luxury of starting again, so I needed a quick escape to maintain what I have, most people would understand that hopefully!


Different things will work for different people. :sunglasses:

With the interesting integration projects from community members to bring Hubitat and SmartThings together, plus the fact that ST will have one-way Matter integration in and Hubitat will have HomeKit integration out I expect to see more community members than ever, particularly makers and tinkerers, using both hubs in 2023. Just like we used to see some community members using homebridge to bring ST into HomeKit.

[BETA] HubiThings Replica

Hubitat->SmartThings "Mirror" BETA testers wanted

Integration Solutions using MQTT

One of the advantages of ST is that it fits into a lot of different configurations. Things are going to be different with the new architecture, but it looks like that will still be true. :sunglasses:


My hub stoped working … my valves stoped working … my garage opener stoped working…

I’ll never buy another Samsung product again … g2h.

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I have only recently become aware this was happeneing after opening WebCore and seeing the notice. I unfortunately have had no time to prepare.

I have seen comments going around saying that the Hubitat Platform is a good idea to get things working again.

Can someone please link to the forum that describes how this is done. Thanks in advance.

Like others, I will never touch Samsung again.

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You may find there’s an a method which does work with the current architecture. Or you might decide to add hubitat into the mix.

Why don’t you start with the following link, it lays out some of the alternatives:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

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They should turn it back on for 21 days now that we all have seen what has broke.

Thanks, Ill start here :slight_smile:

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SmartThings gave you two years notice. That wasn’t enough?


What he said. :point_up:


“I have only recently become aware this was happeneing after opening WebCore and seeing the notice” What he said :point_up:


Oh, my apologies. Nobody else here has a job, or kids, or elderly parents to take care of, or sits on the board of directors for 3 non-profits so you’ll have to forgive us. We all just sit around playing with SmartThings all day so we don’t understand what it’s like to have a job and other things to do.


Yet you have time for this :roll_eyes:

It’s sad the amount of people that are acting like this is something new and that Samsung just sprung on its users.


Thanks JD, I just came here for some advice, I said my please and thank you’s and appreciated you taking the time to help.

Dissapointing to see some people hijacking for no reason other than to stir people up.

It’s got to be a good two years since I warned my wife about the upcoming transition, and I told her to be prepared that I would forget it was going to take place, and that some of the functionality I’ve developed into our modest smart home will likely get wonky without warning because I would forget. And in September I warned her that the transition was imminent, so once things started to go wonky, I would have to spend some time trying to fix them. Even she understood it, and she hates that a smart home can be so dumb and so complicated. She just wants to see the dinosaurs.


Your lucky, when i try to explain it to my wife, she looks interested but i know she is trying to stop herself from scratching my eyes out…